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The Sealant Applicator’s Top Tips

  1. Select the right sealant

    Certain sealants are specialised for specific projects. For example, sanitary sealant contains all the correct properties for a bathroom application, If you were to use an acrylic sealant you will find problems arise very soon after.  These problems may include shrinking, cracking and mould growth.

  2. Cut the end of your nozzle at an angle

    Cutting the end of your nozzle to the correct size and angle means you will reduce wastage and help partially smooth the sealant out as you apply. Normally a preferred angle would be between 20-40 degrees and the size will depend on the amount of mastic required. 

  3. Use an Extra Long Nozzle for tight spaces

    Do you struggle to apply sealant in tight spaces? Struggle no more! Our Extra Long nozzles are the perfect solution. All you have to do is attach the nozzle to the end of your sealant tube, cut the end of your nozzle at an angle, then continue to seal as normal. That simple!

  4. Use soapy water

    Using a soapy water solution will make sure the sealant is extruded into any small cracks or holes. This is normally applied from a spray bottle onto your tooling in implement and not sprayed directly onto any sealant/ surface area.

  5. Use backer rod to fill excessive gaps

    Backer rod is a closed-cell foam that compresses and sits tightly in a gap of excessive size making sure the correct width to depth ratio is observed whilst also saving on material. Backer rod also acts as a bond breaker making this a vital part of the application. See the material spec for the correct width to depth ratio.

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