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Sika – Fastfix All Weather Application

How to apply Sika Fastfix All Weather – Sika Video and step by step below

Step 1: Make sure paving is securely installed
– Keep gaps and clear of debris and weeds
– Gaps: ≥20mm deep ≥5mm wide

Step 2: Wet the slabs and joints thoroughly
– Let the water drain away

Step 3: Read the instructions
– Fast and easy to use
– Use opened product within 1 hour

Step 4: Spread in small, manageable areas
– Apply even in the rain

Step 5: Work into the joints completely
– Use a soft broom or hand brush

Step 6: Compact into the joints thoroughly
– Use a pointing trowel or iron

Step 7: Leave to set
– Dry weather? ≥15°c? – Setting starts in 6-12 hours
– Wet weather? 4-15°c? – Allow longer setting time

Why Sika Fastfix All Weather?
– Active resin technology gives better durability
– Wont shrink, crack or wash out
– No waste! – Store up to a month after opening, if submersed in water
– A natural barrier against weeds

Sika FastFix All Weather Jointing Compound

Available in 5 colours
– Stone
– Flint
– Charcoal
– Deep Grey
– Dark Buff

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