Sikacrete 630 Fire+

Sikacrete 630 Fire+

Sikacrete®-630 Fire+ is a fire resistant gypsum-based compound for load bearing penetration seals in fire compartment floors.

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  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance.
  • 1-part easy to mix, easy to apply.
  • Pourable and trowelable application.
  • Load-bearing and self-supporting in floor penetrations.
  • Very fast setting, no loss of volume.
  • Provides acoustic insulation.


  • Restores the fire resistance performance of a floor which incorporates a large variety of service penetrations such as cables, cable trays, metal pipes and plastic pipes.
  • Can be combined with SikaSeal®-629 Fire Wrap.


  • CE Marking and Declaration of Performance to European Technical Assessment ETA 21/1033, based on EAD 350454-00-1104:2017 – Fire stopping and fire sealing products, penetration seals.
  • Fire Resistance EN 13501-2, UL-EU, Certificate No.UL-EU-01217-CPR.

Environmental Information

  • VOC emission classification GEV-EMICODE EC 1PLUS .
  • Conformity with LEED v4 EQc 2: Low-Emitting Materials.