Powerflow Combi Gun – Cox

Powerflow Combi Gun – Cox

An advanced applicator designed for professionals who applies sealant on a daily basis. A 1-component manual bead dispenser.

Cartridge Skeleton Gun for up to 600ml cartridges.

The heavy-duty design allows for use with medium to high viscosity material.

Units Per Pack 1
Size Up to 600ml
Unit Price £32.00 ex VAT

£32.00 ex VAT

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  • High quality epoxy coated cast aluminum handle
  • Anodized aluminum barrel
  • Switchable Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
  • Contoured handle and trigger grip
  • Anodized aluminum and clear plastic barrel


  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Easily converted from cartridge to sachet
  • Prevents material run-on
  • For ease of use
  • Accommodates both cartridges & sachets
  • Gives you long worry free performance


  • Weight: 0.9-1.1kg / 2.0-2.3lbs
  • Barrel Length: 236mm-389mm / 9.3in-15.3in
  • Maximum Thrust: 2.5kN
  • Handle Material: Epoxy Coated Aluminum
  • Barrel Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Barrel Type: Anodized Aluminum / Clear Plastic
  • Tool Component Approvals: REACH
  • Cartridge Capacity: 310mL (10.5oz), 400mL (13.5oz)
  • Sachet Capacity: 310ml (10.5oz), 400mL (13.5oz), 600mL (20.3oz)
  • Mechanical Advantage Ratio: (12:1)
  • Standard Color: Black/Grey
  • Nozzle Dimension: ø38mm / 1.5in