Everbuild Everflex 700T LMN Silicone 300ml – BOX OF 25

Everbuild Everflex 700T LMN Silicone 300ml – BOX OF 25

Silicone 700T is formulated for the PVCu and roofline industry. For perimeter pointing window and door frames, sealing plastic roofline areas and general weather sealing. Now contains a powerful anti-fungal compound.

Units Per Pack 25
Size 300ml
Unit Price £4.95 ex VAT

£123.75 ex VAT

Everbuild Everflex 700T Contract LMN (Low Modulus Neutral Cure) Silicone Sealant is fast cure, low modulus neutral cure sealant for the PVCu and roofline Industry. This sealant adheres to a wide range of both porous and non porous surfaces without the need for priming and is formulated to a high viscosity to give excellent tooling properties.


  • Perimeter pointing internally and externally around PVCu /wood and all other window frames
  • Sealing and as an adhesive onto PVCu, plastic trims and components
  • Suitable as an expansion joint sealant
  • Weather sealing and joint sealing to pre-formed panels
  • Sealing soft metals such as lead, copper and zinc
  • General draught proofing
  • Parapet and roof weather sealing applications