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Winter Construction: The Must Have Supplies

December is here, the holiday season is fast approaching and things are ramping up in the construction industry. It’s always a busy time in the winter, so it’s important to have the right tools, supplies and equipment to help you out along the way. Have a read of our blog to see a few ideas […]

Sika – Fastfix All Weather Application

Sika FastFix All Weather Jointing Compound

How to apply Sika Fastfix All Weather – Sika Video and step by step below Step 1: Make sure paving is securely installed– Keep gaps and clear of debris and weeds– Gaps: ≥20mm deep ≥5mm wide Step 2: Wet the slabs and joints thoroughly– Let the water drain away Step 3: Read the instructions– Fast […]

5 Essential Tools for a General Builder

5 Essential Tools

Stanley Knife The Stanley Knife is shaped for a good, comfortable grip. The blade position allows a wider usage for a variety of cutting applications. Roughneck Tape Measure Tape Measures are used to both measure distance and provide measurements. The outer casing is a non-slip, shockproof rubber. It also has a strong metal belt clip […]

Polyurethane Flooring Sealants

About Flooring Sealants The main 3 types of flooring sealants are: – 1-Part Gun Grade– 2-Part Mix– Pouring Grade Self-Levelling Most flooring sealants are polyurethane and used to seal movement joints and saw cut joints between concrete pours or similar porous materials. Each sealant has different qualities which may include curing time, application type, durability, […]