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5 Essential Tools for a General Builder

  1. Stanley Knife

    The Stanley Knife is shaped for a good, comfortable grip. The blade position allows a wider usage for a variety of cutting applications.

  2. Roughneck Tape Measure

    Tape Measures are used to both measure distance and provide measurements. The outer casing is a non-slip, shockproof rubber. It also has a strong metal belt clip with a powerful blade brake.

  3. Roughneck Claw Hammer

    The magnetic nail holder makes for effortless starting, particularly in hard-to-reach areas, whilst the mini-claw allows for embedded nails to be removed with ease. It offers superior strength and safety.

  4. Roughneck Brick Bolster/Cold Chisel

    Bolsters and cold chisels are tools utilised for breaking through tough materials. They have a solid handle and sharp bevelled edge blade. When combined with a hammer or mallet, can cut through even the toughest of materials.

  5. Cox Powerflow Sealant Gun

    There are countless premixed sealants and adhesives made for use with a skeleton gun. A good gun will last you a long time.

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